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Passionate Birthday Cake

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2016 om 7:25 Comments reacties (0)

Every year, on December 15th, I share my birthday cake with my loved ones. This year, I invite you all to take a part.


It’s topped with Passion, filled with Hope and Common sense, spiced with auto-criticism and derision.


It stimulates positivism and motivation, future vision and enforces the will to go forward. It unleas...

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Client focus, courage & leadership

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2016 om 7:25 Comments reacties (0)

Man sends brutally honest email to whole company moments before retirement Adam Boult


If you've ever dreamt of telling your bosses exactly what you think of them, you're not alone. One retiree in the US has become a her...

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"Most of us will have a disability in our lifetime. It's relevant to us all." Emma Mitchell Diversity & Inclusiveness Director @ EY

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2016 om 7:20 Comments reacties (1)

Waking up, on this beautiful cold and sunny morning... I find the message posted by Emma Mitchell... and I'm moved, moved because, what she learnt in 10 months, is what I lived for 6.5 years... But as a free-lance consultant, alumnus from EY.


" The sky is the limit" everything is possible, as long as you try hard enough...

My credo always h...

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Kleine ergernis, grote kosten, zware lasten�?�

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2016 om 7:20 Comments reacties (0)

Verloren wachtwoorden kosten VW 1 miljoen per jaar


Dat diegene die nooit een paswoord probleem ondervond nu opstaat!


Ergerlijke combinaties die niemand nog kan onthouden, veel te frequent verzoek om verandering... je weet niet meer aan welke versie je toe was na 14 dagen vakantie…


De kost van de “...

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'islamisering van radicalisme eerder dan de radicalisering van islam'..

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2016 om 7:15 Comments reacties (0)

Het artikel van Roy in De Morgen komt het dichtst bij wat ik als antropologe vaststel rondom de radicalisering die we vandaag observeren...


"Twintigers en dertigers die massamoorden plegen in naam van Allah, zo argumenteert de politoloog, zijn een extreme manifestatie van een 'generationele, nihilistische, geradicaliseerde jeugdrevol...

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Time is now!

Geplaatst op 29 december, 2016 om 7:10 Comments reacties (0)

It’s not as much the lack of time that creates a problem, it's the insane and totally avoidable sense of urgency that turns us nuts…

Edit articlePublished on October 16, 2015

Geneviève Toye

Geneviève Toye

Socio Economic Anthropologist - Senior Consultant - Transition manager

Time... there so much to be...

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Dare diversity, embrace courage, support entrepreneurship Regulation and boundaries, do they kill nurturing new economy?

Geplaatst op 13 december, 2016 om 3:25 Comments reacties (0)


After rejection over and over again when applying for a job and being told she had great skills but was not "a good fit" , Collette, a young woman with Down Syndrome, was determined to own her own business, despite any disability, and show people how ABLE she is. Collette was not only determined to show everyo...

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Examen d???entrée??? utilité ou élitisme normatif destructeur ?

Geplaatst op 12 december, 2016 om 8:40 Comments reacties (0)


L'examen d'entrée risque d'éliminer d'excellents futurs médecins

12/12/16 - 06h11 Source: Belga

Un tiers des étudiants en médecine ayant obtenu ...

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La fable de l'infinitude du CDI et la recette du mercenaire

Geplaatst op 6 september, 2015 om 0:20 Comments reacties (0)

Sep 6, 2015

Les travailleurs freelance vont-ils transformer l’économie ?


Un peu de graines de prise de risque, des compétences, de la confia...

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Evolution is not a choice but a fact of life... change is unavoidable

Geplaatst op 21 augustus, 2015 om 0:20 Comments reacties (0)

Aug 21, 2015

Yesterday, through an update, I was moved to reflect on the success or failure of Change processes...

Change comes with people, people come with changes...

Change always imposed itself on people, not the other way around.

Evolution is the perfect result of natural change processes. When confronted to problems, the...

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