Genevieve Toye

creative inspiration & coaching leadership
passionate drive to shape the future
for people & organisations

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My added value for you & your organisation...

Being an authentic « Belgian », I have the privilege to dispose of a real understanding of the cultural context and perfect mastery of French and Dutch (& English).

My strongest assets are no doubt understanding and building vision, strategy; roll out and communicate , unleashing my potential to set noses in the right direction and motivate people to excel and deliver far more than they are used to, aiming all together to honour the business objectives.

Communities act and react upon internal and external impulses. Successful achievement of business objectives, most certainly in doubtful  times as these, requires a solid coaching on communication through the community as a whole, as well inside, cross levels, as outside managing the reflection of the corporate image and contextual reactions of the market.

My corporate experience combined with my socio-economic anthropologic approach of organisations offers the outstanding opportunity to fertilize a nurturing environment, aligned with your business objectives. It will enable you to drive a prolific corporate culture, bringing out the best in people to attract the right potential both to serve the company and the clients or third parties to promote your products.

My large general insight and analytic capital, very valuable in our actual economical context offers you an asset in the coaching of executive levels, providing them with valuable strategic internal and external market information and accompany them regarding their communication with all stakeholders.

My creative and pragmatic approach enlightens both your organisation and its activities.